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3D Parts

Low Cost & lightweight. Accurate 3D printed parts that fully comply with industry standards

3D Parts

3D Parts provide you with a design freedom & flexibility for Prototypes, 3D Models or end use parts. Generative design freedoms with complex structures are ideal for 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing). Our manufacturing solutions provides the flexibility to revise or change designs easily without the additional set up costs of tooling/moulds/fixtures associated with conventional manufacturing. Sustainability is achieved with reduced material usage in 3D additive manufacturing, use of recyclable materials and reduced shipping and transport costs with localised manufacture.

Brake - Carbon PA | Orthogonal Engineering

Brake - Carbon PA

Flanges - Carbon PEEK | Orthogonal Engineering

Flanges - Carbon PEEK

Bushing - PEEK | Orthogonal Engineering

Bushing - PEEK

Impeller - Carbon PEEK | Orthogonal Engineering

Impeller - Carbon PEEK

Orthogonal solutions utilise super polymers and composite materials for the creation of finished parts that are accurate and high quality. Our industrial 3D printers ensure that manufactured parts meet the required operating standards and tolerances (ISO2768 Medium). Full process control and traceability provide you with confidence on part accuracy and repeatability. The performances achieved by super polymers and composites, Like PEEK, PEKK and Carbon Fibre Polyamides challenge the common conception of what a plastic can do, creating a new industrial perspective and lowering manufacturing costs.

Carbon Fibre Composite (Resin/Fibre) parts.

In addition to additive manufactured parts we can also provide hand laid Carbon Fibre Composite parts with either chopped fibres or woven sheets utilising in-house designed and manufactured moulds, to provide incredibly strong, high performing parts.

You can either contact us direct to discuss your project, or if you only require a simple part, upload directly to the site and we will take care of production of your part promptly.

Don’t accept your current supply chain manufacturing constraints, talk to Orthogonal Engineering today – there’s always a better way!

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