3D Design, Engineering & Reverse Engineering

Design For Additive Manufacture (3D Printing)

Orthogonal’s know-how and experience with High Temperature Polymers and expertise in DfAM - Design for Additive Manufacturing - provides you with full engineering support, ensuring that manufactured parts meet the required operating standards and tolerances (ISO2768 Medium). Full process control and traceability provide you with confidence on part accuracy and repeatability.
We also produce highly detailed scaled equipment demonstration models and Architectural models - Get in touch for more details
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Reverse Engineering

High Resolution scanner imaging a bracket which is mounted on a rotating turntable
edited and clean scanned image of a bracket turned into a STL image
bracket image created from autosurfacing the scanned image to create a NURBS surface 3D object
Computer Aided Design graphic showing a 3D part (bracket) with dimensions which has been modelled from the NURBS file
final bracket image which has been altered using generative design to optimise material usage

3D Printing in Metal, PEEK, ULTEM, Carbon Fibre Composites or Engineering Thermoplastics and Resins using either Fused Filament Fabrication or Low Force Stereolithography 3D printers

BASF Ultrafuse Metal filament with a small stainless steel valve printed on a 3D printer using that type of filament

BASF Ultrafuse Metal Printing